How To Protect Your Hair Edges.

by Vivafad 8 months ago hairstyles
How To Protect Your Hair Edges.

Edges is everything when it comes to hair.

A hair can never be considered good without a healthy edge. And we all know that protecting the edges can really be a tough task especially for those with natural scanty edges.

Also the type of hairdo we desire contributes immensely to the damaging of our edges especially people that are so much in love with tiny braids and Ghana weaves.

There are certain other factors that affects the edges but that will be discussed on another article coming your way soon, so stay tuned. So in this article, we are just going to give you few tips that will help you achieve that desired edges you crave for.

If you really want full edges, keep to the instructions below;

•    Avoid tiny braids. Tiny braids contributed 80% of the damages the edges suffer, so do well to those edges by avoiding them.

•    Always apply shea butter on your edged especially when you make a new hair. Apply it that time the hair is still paining you to avoid the hair root from getting weak which eventually leads to fallen off.

•    Always use oil on your edges, make sure it is never dry.

•    Avoid using shoe brush on your hair. A lot of people do this because they believe it helps the hair to look smooth which it does actually but it plucks out the hair because of its texture, so you must avoid it.

•    When trying to lay your edges with tooth brush, make sure you have enough gel on them so it will make the hair slippery and won’t allow the texture of the brush to affect the hair.

Hope this helps you a lot and don’t forget to share with your friends to help them maintain their edges too.

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