Trick To Having A Succulent Lips

by Vivafad 5 months ago makeup
Trick To Having A Succulent Lips

If you have been battling with dry lips, this trick is the perfect one for you.

Having a natural dry lips is very different from the type that occur maybe after a sickness due to malnutrition and disorder in some hormones.

Some people battle with dry lips and one bath thing about this is that it is prone to crack anytime especial during harmattan.

Dry lips is also not good when it comes to couple’s play because it doesn’t give that vibe that is needed.

But guess what? There is a remedy to this ugly experience and it is not farfetched.

Just a constant use of one thing, gets your lips back on track, and that thing is petroleum jelly

YES Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly is the cure.

To achieve this juicy lips that you desire, always apply your Vaseline on your lips especially at night before you sleep. It is advisable that you have it on your lips while going to bed so that the lips will fully absorb it. Also apply it on your lips during the day if you have to.

Try this and you will be amazed at the result.

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